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Press releases

Hermes Medical Solutions is proud to introduce HERMIA, a new version of its all-in-one molecular imaging software

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), global market leader in molecular imaging and dosimetry software solutions, is now introducing HERMIA, a new version of its ALL-IN-ONE Molecular Imaging Software with many exciting functionality updates.

SUV SPECT® Quantitative Reconstruction From Hermes Medical Solutions Evaluated Best-in-class for SIRT With Ho-166 Microspheres

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), leader in molecular imaging software development, has been recognized by Quirem Medical, a Terumo company, to provide the best commercially available and fully approved software for accurate quantitative reconstruction of 166Ho SPECT/CT scans for use with their exciting SIRT products QuiremScout® and QuiremSpheres®.

Hermes Medical Solutions & Isotopia Molecular Imaging Announce a New Collaboration Focused on Dosimetry

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), global market leader in molecular imaging and dosimetry software solutions, enters a close collaboration with Isotopia to raise awareness and co-promote benefits of dosimetry, radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT) and personalized medicine.

Scientific publications

Comparison of reprojected bone SPECT/CT and planar bone scintigraphy for the detection of bone metastases in breast and prostate cancer.

The aim of this study was to compare reprojected bone SPECT/CT (RBS) against planar bone scintigraphy (BS) in the detection of bone metastases in breast and prostate cancer patients.

Total Tumor Volume on F18-PSMA-1007 PET as Additional Imaging Biomarker in mCRPC Patients Undergoing PSMA-Targeted Alpha Therapy with Ac.225-PSMA-I&T

PSMA-based alpha therapy using 225Ac-PSMA-I&T provides treatment for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC), even after the failure of 177Lu-PSMA radioligand therapy (RLT). In clinical routine, the total tumor volume (TTV) on PSMA PET impacts therapy outcomes and plays an increasing role in mCRPC patients. Hence, we aimed to assess TTV and its changes during 225Ac-PSMA-I&T RLT.

Comparing calculated and experimental activity and dose values obtained from image-based quantification of Y-90 SPECT/CT Data.

Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) is a treatment for various kinds of liver tumours by injecting Y-90 bearing microspheres into the liver vessels. To perform meaningful post-treatment dosimetry, quantitative imaging is performed.


Hermia product overview

Product overview of Hermia, a state-of-the-art software suite that supports all clinical scenarios in NM/MI on all cameras.

Future Liver Remnant Function

Ensure the best outcome for your patients undergoing major liver resection

White papers

Advanced Bone SPECT Reconstruction in Hermia

With easy-to-use software enabling precise determination of reconstruction parameters, we are proud to offer several Bayesian reconstruction algorithms to optimise your bone SPECT/CT images, including two algorithms leveraging the information from the CT to guide the SPECT reconstruction.