Molecular Imaging Software

Leading Innovation in PET/SPECT/CT/MR Reporting

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Vendor neutral

Our software can process data from all your cameras and integrates smoothly within your current IT environment – giving you complete freedom of choice on future equipment or new clinical workflows in your department.

Designed for speed

Our software has been designed with efficiency in mind and we implement, where it makes sense, automation, AI and the latest computing technology to accelerate your workflow and reporting.


Our Customer Service Team is composed of highly-skilled Nuclear Medicine Professionals who are keen on helping you to get the best experience when using our software

Remote access

Remote access allows for a flexible work environment within the hospital but also outside the facility by connecting systems from distant hospitals and/or enabling home reporting.

With you to stay

Future proof your Molecular Imaging

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging. We empower physicians and healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art software for all clinical scenarios into ONE vendor-neutral platform.

Powerful tools enable clinicians to simplify their workflow and keep pace with the fast development of scanners, tracers and procedures in nuclear medicine.

The result is improved quality and outcomes for healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.

Everything you need

The All-In-One Software

Complete suite of proven tools for all clinical molecular imaging procedures

  • Support for all camera manufacturers
  • Easy and fast remote access
  • Consistent and high-quality quantitative reconstruction SUV SPECT®
  • Seamless connectivity and integration to your existing systems and workflows
  • Camera flexibility for patient scheduling
  • Simplified workflow and training
  • Proven tools tailored to your clinical needs
  • Best-in-class dosimetry tools
  • Local and dedicated support with NM trained clinical experts
  • More than 45 years of leading innovation in Nuclear Medicine
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What is happening

Events and congresses

Montreal, QC, Canada

CANM’s 2022 Annual Scientific Conference

Join us at the CANM 2022 Annual Scientific Conference in Montréal

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Neuro Imaging Study Day

This virtual neuro-imaging nuclear medicine study day is aimed at all healthcare professionals reporting, or interested in reporting, radionuclide brain imaging.

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Oxford, UK

BIR/IDUG Molecular Radiotherapy

Join this excellent opportunity to hear about the future of molecular radiotherapy dosimetry with sessions on PSMA dosimetry, emerging therapies, software, and implementation of dosimetry.

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Education in Nuclear Medicine

Donation to the Regis College

“We see it as part of our mission as a leading provider of Molecular Imaging Software to provide the future generation of nuclear medicine professionals with the latest tools, especially as this area of medicine is evolving at a rapid pace and needs to attract specialized professionals,” said Tom Francke, CEO at Hermes Medical Solutions. 

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