Molecular Imaging Software

Leading innovation in Nuclear Medicine processing, display and analysis for SPECT-CT, PET-CT, PET-MR including dosimetry

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Vendor neutral

Integrate the data from ALL your cameras into ONE workstation and be free to choose the best equipment.

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Designed for speed

Enjoy a user-friendly interface and many time-savings features based on the real-life experience from our users.

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Rely on the high-quality customer service by our local team of Nuclear Medicine Professionals.

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Remote access

Benefit from a flexible work environment within the hospital(s) and even from home.

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The software makes the difference

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging and nuclear medicine. We develop state-of-the-art molecular imaging software into ONE vendor-neutral suite.

The Hermia software connects all equipment and staff and helps you reach the full potential of your NM department today and tomorrow. We make a difference for you and your department, your current equipment, and ultimately for your patients.


Complete solution tailored to your needs

Hermia provides a whole solution for all clinical specialties within Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging, including advanced dosimetry tools. You can choose the specialties for your current clinical needs and scale up in the future.


We will have your back

We are 100% focused on developing our nuclear medicine/molecular imaging software and on supporting our customers. Our customer service consists of clinically-trained experts who understand your problem and can assist you quickly.


Bet on the smart choice

With Hermia you can extend the life of your current cameras, regardless of manufacturer, and have the freedom to decide when and which new equipment to take in. You are sure to stay up-to-date with regular software releases and to be ready for the introduction of new approved tracers.

Everything you need

Many more reasons to choose us

Complete suite of proven tools for all clinical molecular imaging procedures

  • Simplified workflow and training - only one software to master
  • Practical personalized dosimetry for all available and future isotopes
  • We work very closely with university hospitals and the educational institutions
  • Fast display of any kind of DICOM data set, even from the latest whole-body scanners
  • Advanced quantitative SUV SPECT® reconstruction to boost existing SPECT/CT cameras
  • 47 years of leading SW innovation in NM/MI. Did you know that we were first to provide SPECT reconstruction?
  • Seamless connectivity and integration to your existing systems and workflows
Our Software
What is happening

Events and congresses

Cardiff, UK

All Wales Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Meeting 2023

Meet our UK team at the All Wales Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Meeting 2023 held in Cardiff. Hope to see you there!

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Jena, Germany

31. GNM-Jahrestagung

GNM - Gesellschaft für Nuklearmedizin Mitteldeutschlands 31. Jahrestagung

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Vienna, Austria

MIC Festival 2023

The 5th MIC Festival will focus on recent advances and future potentials as well as innovative and novel applications of medical imaging on the pulse of the time.

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“We reduced the time spent creating reports by 40-50%”

Listen to our customers' experience of using our software.

SNMMI Industry Webinar

"With Hermia we achieved over 50% shorter turnaround times"

Software, a paradigm shift for efficiency gains in Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine

Simplified workflow and training

Power of the right software

Optimize the use of your current equipment, connect different departments or hospital sites, enable remote access from home and have the freedom to choose the best equipment on the market without the hassle of learning a new software.

Changing software made easy

  1. Preparation - First we understand your needs and equipment. Then we put together a tailored solution that fits you and your budget.
  2. Implementation - We make an implementation plan based on your requirements to ensure a smooth transition with little impact on your current clinical workflow. Once your existing equipment is connected to Hermia, you enjoy a new world of possibilities in a single workflow.
  3. Maintaining a partnership - With us the journey doesn’t end at the purchase. We provide you with updates, support, yearly visit and trainings when new features get implemented.
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