Theranostics and Therapies

Innovation for personalized theranostics

Theranostics is a very promising personalized approach to treating cancer, using diagnostic imaging to identify if target receptors are present on cancer cells, followed by precision internal radiation treatment that targets these receptors.


Making personalized theranostics a reality today

Theranostics (or also theragnostics) is today mostly used in metastatic prostate cancer with PSMA PET scan, liver cancer and neuroendocrine tumors.

We, at Hermes Medical solutions, believe that individualized dosimetry for each patient is essential to optimize the patient outcomes and deliver cost-effective, cutting-edge treatments.

Up until very recently, dosimetry calculations were typically achieved by a conglomeration of separate programs, pen, paper, modelling tables and more importantly a lot of willingness, dedication, and time from an expert user. Planar-based models and phantom dosimetry estimations can cause up to 30% inaccuracy. Using our latest voxel-based Monte-Carlo algorithm reduces this 2 to 3 fold.

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Theranostics Brochure

Brochure dedicated to the advanced tools for Theranostics and Therapies within the Hermia software.

Theranostics and Dosimetry

The right treatment, to the right patient, at the right dose

Watch this video produced in collaboration with University Medical Imaging Toronto discussing the importance of personalized dosimetry for theranostics.

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Innovations for personalized, fast and accurate dosimetry

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  • Voxel Dosimetry

    Voxel dosimetry™ is CE marked and has 510(k) clearance for wide range of therapy and imaging isotopes* - making it the only complete voxel dosimetry software on the market suitable for personalized dosimetry.

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  • Organ Dosimetry

    Organ Dosimetry™ provides a seamless workflow, enabling the user to perform all steps using only one interface.

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  • SPECT reconstruction

    Hermia's SPECT reconstruction is optimized for speed and a wide range of procedures, radio-pharmaceuticals and collimators, making it possible to improve image quality while reducing dose and acquisition time from all your SPECT/CT cameras.

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  • Oncology

    Handle all your oncology work from diagnostic imaging, reporting to therapy for all modalities and scanners.

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