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Handle all your oncology work from diagnostic imaging, reporting to therapy for all modalities and scanners.

All-in-one platform

Oncology diagnostics and therapy

With HERMIA, Molecular Imaging Departments can handle all oncology-related work, from diagnostic imaging, reporting to therapy for all modalities and scanners. This high inter-operability considerably helps streamline the workflow of the department and facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration notably with the radiation oncology department.

Hermia Voxel dosimetry showing a dosemap MIP fused with CT
Hermia Voxel dosemap MIP fused with CT
  • One-click segmentation

    With one click, users can automatically segment any tumor with high precision

  • Automated lesion tracking

    The software automatically tracks, and compares lesions across multiple time points providing the user with clinically valuable information, on how the lesion evolves

  • Local registration

    With the local registration, you can obtain a refined automatic registration of multiple time points focusing on a specific area of interest

  • Theranostics-ready

    The wide range of isotopes supported within voxel dosimetry (Ga-68; Ho-166; ln-111; I-123; I-131 ; Lu-177; Ra-223; Tc-99m; Y-90; Zr-89) makes Hermia the software of choice for theranostics

The All-in-One Software

Multimodality Tools for Oncology in HERMIA

A complete offering

To support all your clinical workflows

Browse to read more about all the many possibilities offered by Hermia– our ALL-IN-ONE state-of-the-art software suite. You can pick and choose the specialities and tools adapted to your current clinical needs and scale up whenever new possibilities arise.

  • Theranostics

    Theranostics is a very promising personalized approach to treating cancer, using diagnostic imaging to identify if target receptors are present on cancer cells, followed by precision internal radiation treatment that targets these receptors.

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  • Dosimetry

    Dosimetry is becoming more important as nuclear medicine is moving towards therapy. Regardless of where your practice is at, we have got you covered with the tools you need to easily plan personalized radionuclide treatment for your patients.

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  • PET/SPECT/CT/MR Reviewing

    Hermia offers a high-performance and highly intuitive software for the display and analysis of PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR.  

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  • SPECT reconstruction

    Hermia's SPECT reconstruction is optimized for speed and a wide range of procedures, radio-pharmaceuticals and collimators, making it possible to improve image quality while reducing dose and acquisition time from all your SPECT/CT cameras.

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