Voxel dosimetry

Personalized dosimetry in minutes

Each patient responds differently to treatment, and serial radionuclide imaging provides patient specific information about the individual nuclide kinetics in tumors and normal organs after an administered dose.

CE-marked and approved by FDA & Health Canada

The most complete voxel dosimetry software on the market

Voxel dosimetry™ is CE marked and has 510(k) clearance for wide range of therapy and imaging isotopes* - making it the only complete voxel dosimetry software on the market suitable for personalized dosimetry.

Process DICOM images from all camera manufacturers using the same workflow with automatic alignment  of multiple quantitative SPECT/CT or PET/CT time points. Cumulated activity in each voxel is calculated and a Monte Carlo algorithm simulates photon absorption and scatter through the patient's CT to calculate dose distribution over the entire field of view. It focuses on accuracy, providing superior results to s-voxel or dose kernel approximation methods.

Ga-68 PSMA total tumor burden quantitation with label
Ga-68 PSMA total tumor burden quantitation with label

*In the US, the Voxel Dosimetry™ is only intended for calculating dose for FDA approved radiopharmaceuticals for any clinical purpose, and calculation of unapproved drugs can only be used for research purpose.


  • Pure theranostic approach

    Plan and verify dose distribution with full flexibility in imaging and therapy radionuclides. Support for: Ga-68; Ho-166; ln-111; l-123; l-131; Lu-177; Ra-223; Tc-99m; Y-90; Zr-89

  • Validated Monte Carlo Algorithm

    Extensive clinical validation of the accuracy of the dose results in patients and phantoms is published in peer­ reviewed journals (1-5).

  • Single time point dosimetry

    Hanscheid method (6), effective half-life, and physical half-life assumptions to facilitate dosimetry from a single image time point, improving patient experience and simplifying departmental logistics.

  • Dose-volume histogram analysis and 3D dose map

    Get a detailed understanding of dose distribution in volumes of interest and store dosemaps as DICOM for further and future analysis.

Demonstration video

Hermia Voxel Dosimetry

EFOMP Newsletter Autumn 2023

Personalised Theranostics for Good Clinical Practice in RPT

”Theranostic dosimetry software has progressed in leaps and bounds
in recent years. Once the preserve of researchers with complicated
spreadsheets requiring hours of processing time per patient, dosimetry can, and must, now enter the clinical mainstream. We owe it to
the patients to optimise this powerful tool in the fight against cancer."

Tom Francke, Assoc. Prof, CEO of Hermes Medical Solutions

SNMMI Newsletter Article February 2022

Personalized Dosimetry is Essential for NETs

Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) is a powerful tool in the fight against neuro-endocrine tumors (NETs). But the complexities of tailoring the treatment to each individual patient present a challenge to both clinical departments and software companies. In this article we describe a multi-disciplinary effort to overcome the challenges and deliver the optimal treatment for patients.

Educational Series

The Concept of Voxel Based Dosimetry

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