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Nearly 50 Years of Leading Innovation

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging. We empower physicians and healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art software for all clinical scenarios into ONE vendor-neutral platform. The result is improved quality in patient management and decision support for thousands of healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.

Nearly 50 Years of Leading Innovation

Hermes Medical Solutions was established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1976. The company was the first to develop SPECT reconstruction software and dual-head whole-body scanning. Hermes Medical Solutions introduced the first medical image fusion software for combined viewing of images from different scanners. By fusing the functional and morphological information this revolutionary solution supports physicians in localizing organ functions, thereby improving the understanding of molecular imaging and radiology.

Envisioning the needs of larger networks, the company rolled out its online database platform, GOLD™ a solution for connectivity, integration, workflows and data administration with high capacity storage. The company continued developing their software to further enhance image display and fusion of images, and then introduced a reconstruction software that improves SPECT image quality revolutionizing the diagnostic workflow and enabling absolute SUV SPECT® quantification.

Over the years, thousands of publications have cited Hermes Medical Solutions as a reference establishing Hermes´ software as the leading software platform. Our true success lies in our close and longstanding cooperation with our clients to meet their software, support and service needs. Combining leadership in innovation with client driven service fostering exceptional patient care is our mission at Hermes Medical Solutions. Let’s make it yours.


Tom Francke shares his vision

Get to know us a little bit better by reading our CEO's vision he prepared for an interview with ePAtient, a Magazine dedicated to raising awareness around Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.


Hermes Medical Solutions was founded by Jan Bertling. The exciting journey began!


Pioneering success in the first commercial SPECT reconstruction​


First HMS Computer based on Solaris operating system


First Commercial Image Fusion​

*Images courtesy of Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK​


First vendor neutral PET/CT software​ and DICOM transfer for Siemens


Big growth of the company. Opening of new offices and many more people joining the team.




Further growth and purchase from Segulah


Receiving CE Mark & health Canada clearance for Single Time Point Voxel Dosimetry™