Customer Service

A dedicated team of clinical experts

Our Customer Service Team is composed of highly-skilled Nuclear Medicine Professionals who are keen on helping you get the best experience when using our software.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service by experts with clinical background

Customer satisfaction is a priority to us at Hermes Medical Solutions. The Customer Service team at Hermes Medical Solutions is composed of highly-skilled Nuclear Medicine Professionals who are keen on helping you to get the best experience when using our software through efficient product delivery, high-quality training, and fast and effective support.

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Changing software made easy

  1. Pre-sales phase
    Our clinical experts are always happy to demonstrate our solutions onsite or remotely and discuss your department’s workflow and IT requirements to help you chose the best setup for your clinical needs.

  2. A dedicated team for the implementation
    We know how busy you are doing what’s most important: delivering care to patients. To ensure a smooth and fast implementation, you get a dedicated implementation team composed of a clinical specialist, a project manager and a technical expert who will work closely with your IT department.

    You also receive an initial training tailored to the needs of your team.

  3. A yearly visit
    Our service team will schedule one preventive maintenance visit per year at no additional cost to optimize the performance of your system.
    We make an audit of your needs prior to ensure you get the most of it.

    Depending on your SLA agreement the visit can also include the following to keep you up-to-date and optimized:
    • Yearly SW updates
    • Training news
    • Workflow guidance
    • New specialities
    • HW refresh and HA warranty and Support

  4. Add-on and in-depth training courses
    To meet the need for extra or more in-depth training we also offer add-on training courses. This type of training can be useful when introducing new employees, when starting to work with new specialties or areas of Molecular Imaging, when looking further into the optimization of your workflow or simply to refresh the knowledge of the team.

  5. Staying up-to-date
    As a Hermes Medical Solutions customer, you will be given the opportunity to attend lectures featuring demonstrations of the latest version of the software and you will be invited to user meetings where you can share experiences with peers.

Hermes Medical Solutions service is a truly distinguished ALL-IN-ONE solution where everything is included and worry free. The maintenance is sensational and performed at our convenience, so our work doesn’t get interrupted. All our software/hardware always runs the latest versions with all the newest features. That is brilliant and makes us feel confident that we stay up to date with the latest Molecular Imaging trends.

- Daniel Picard, MD, CISSS des Laurentides, Québec, Canada

Service Level Agreement

Why most of our customers adopt it

  • Fast and guaranteed response time, SLA customers always have priority
  • Yearly preventive maintenance visit (remote if preferred), planned together with customer
  • Software updates – always access the latest released versions
  • Global team of clinical experts and IT system solution experts with high availability
  • Access to unlimited support under a fixed budget
  • No more time consuming paperwork to file a service ticket, a simple e-mail and we take care of the rest

Contact support

How to get in touch

We understand you are busy doing what’s most important: delivering care to patients. That’s why we offer multiple ways for you to contact us for support. The fastest and most efficient way to contact our professional service team is by using our dedicated support email. We also offer a dedicated telephone support line to speak directly with our service desk.

Europe & Asia-Pacific

Stockholm, Sweden (HQ)
+46 (0)8 19 03 25

London, UK
+44 (0)20 7839 2513

North America

+1 (866) 437-6372

+1 (877) 666-5675