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Our molecular imaging software takes nuclear medicine to a new level. Experience the benefits of a single vendor-neutral system – with all the tools you need for your molecular imaging/nuclear medicine work in ONE place. What will you do with the time you save?

Hermia Software

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The difference is a smoother workflow

Consolidate all your legacy scanner software and eliminate unnecessary workflow disruptions. 

The difference is speed

Benefit from a user-friendly interface and a wide range of time-saving features, developed in close cooperation with customers.

The difference is connectivity

Unify clinical workflows across facilities with ONE software system that enables secure access – anytime and anywhere. 

Meet Hermia

The vendor-neutral all-in-one suite for all your molecular imaging needs

Hermia is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, vendor-neutral suite for molecular imaging that facilitates fast and accurate reporting for all your clinical needs in planar Nuclear Medicine, PET, SPECT, CT and MRI, irrespective of camera manufacturer and delivered by flexible remote access solutions.

Regular releases ensure you are always ready to take advantage of the latest developments, such as newly approved tracers or new scanners and you can choose the clinical specialities and tools you need today and add more as you go.

  • PET/SPECT/CT/MR Reviewing

    Hermia offers a high-performance and highly intuitive software for the display and analysis of PET/CT, SPECT/CT and PET/MR.  

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  • SPECT reconstruction

    Hermia's SPECT reconstruction is optimized for speed and a wide range of procedures, radio-pharmaceuticals and collimators, making it possible to improve image quality while reducing dose and acquisition time from all your SPECT/CT cameras.

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  • Nuclear Medicine Processing

    Hermia offers the most comprehensive Nuclear Medicine processing toolkit on the market. Dedicated CE-marked, fully validated applications, for all clinical specialties and all associated image data types.

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  • Pneumology

    Anatomically accurate lung function and volumes with Lung Lobe Quantification and fast and easy Lung SPECT VQ image display and analysis

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  • Neurology

    Hermia Neurology has a fully automated 'single click' workflow. Data is processed, quantified and displayed within seconds with minimal user intervention.

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  • Cardiology

    State-of-the-art product line for cardiology, including third-party software with Invia Corridor4DM and Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite.

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  • Oncology

    Handle all your oncology work from diagnostic imaging, reporting to therapy for all modalities and scanners.

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  • Theranostics

    Theranostics is a very promising personalized approach to treating cancer, using diagnostic imaging to identify if target receptors are present on cancer cells, followed by precision internal radiation treatment that targets these receptors.

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  • Dosimetry

    Dosimetry is becoming more important as nuclear medicine is moving towards therapy. Regardless of where your practice is at, we have got you covered with the tools you need to easily plan personalized radionuclide treatment for your patients.

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  • IT Solutions

    Our Software and Hardware solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly to your current workflow and systems and to offer the possibility to grow with your organization. The result is an improved user experience where the systems work for the user and not the other way around.

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You might wonder about

  • Yes, we have nearly 50 years of experience in connecting diverse scanners and systems to form a single coherent solution for a nuclear medicine department. Hermia software can accept full DICOM data sets from any scanner or camera device and can read specific information not usually made available to other manufacturers. This capacity sets Hermia apart from the competition.

  • It’s common for manufacturers to bundle software with a scanner. However, in most cases, you are still paying for the software – it’s just that the cost is integrated into the price of the scanner. In reality, you pay a significant sum for software that restricts your future possibilities and prevents you from streamlining your workflow. Ultimately, this costs you more, as well as making it harder for your staff to do their work. Hermia software saves you money over the longer term while increasing staff satisfaction

  • We understand that needs are not always matched by budgets. That’s why Hermes Medical Solutions offers flexible and affordable financing solutions. We have the right option for you – whether you need delayed payment terms for a capital purchase, a subscription model with monthly or quarterly payment, or a cloud solution/SaaS model. Contact your sales representative via the form below to discuss how you could take advantage of the market-leading software without a large initial investment.

  • We understand how vital it is for your department’s work to continue uninterrupted. Our expert support team, all of whom have a clinical background in nuclear medicine, will plan the training to fit around your workflow. Once training is completed, your efficiency gains will far outweigh the time invested in staff training.

  • We understand your reasoning. However, one of the major benefits of Hermia software is its compatibility with virtually every scanner on the market, which means you can replace various legacy systems with one solution. What’s more, your software will always be up to date, enabling you to take advantage of the latest equipment and procedures. This is essential for the future positioning of your clinic and for attracting and retaining the best staff.

  • Hermes has a proven track-record of innovation and can respond to new trends and developments with greater agility than larger competitors. Customers with a Service Level Agreement benefit from annual updates with useful new features. We aim to ensure our customers are always at the cutting edge.


Freedom to choose any scanner

Hermia lets you choose the scanner you want and when to purchase it. It can extend the life of your existing scanners, regardless of manufacturer. Now you can quickly add new functionality, such as SUV SPECT– without investing in new hardware. Regular releases ensure you are always ready to take advantage of the latest developments, such as newly approved tracers.

Personalized theranostics

Hermia software supports advanced and personalized theranostics approaches with all the tools you need in ONE platform – including voxel dosimetry, quantitative SPECT reconstruction, organ dosimetry and SIRT treatment planning and verification.

Getting expert clinical support

Since 1976, Hermes Medical Solutions is dedicated to developing molecular imaging software, backed by outstanding customer service. Our support is delivered by clinically trained experts who understand your issues and can assist you quickly.


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Everything you need

The All-In-One Software

Complete suite of proven tools for all clinical molecular imaging procedures

  • Advanced quantitative SUV SPECT® reconstruction to boost existing SPECT/CT cameras
  • Practical personalized dosimetry for all available and future isotopes
  • Fast display of any kind of DICOM data set, even from the latest whole-body scanners
  • Seamless connectivity and integration to your existing systems and workflows
  • Simplified workflow and training - only one software to master
  • We work very closely with university hospitals and the educational institutions
  • 48 year of leading SW innovation in NM/MI. Did you know that we were first to provide SPECT reconstruction?
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