Improve Image Quality with Anatomically Guided Bayesian Reconstruction for Bone SPECT/CT

Advanced Bone SPECT Reconstruction in Hermia

Bone SPECT/CT has a new clarity with Bayesian reconstruction in Hermia. Increase lesion contrast and decrease noise in your clinical bone SPECT/CT routine today with no additional hardware requirements; Hermia advanced reconstruction works with current generation scanners from all manufacturers.

With easy-to-use software enabling precise determination of reconstruction parameters, we are proud to offer several Bayesian reconstruction algorithms to optimise your bone SPECT/CT images, including two algorithms leveraging the information from the CT to guide the SPECT reconstruction.

What is it?

  • Using prior information about how the final image is expected to look, the reconstruction algorithm is guided towards a clearer, less noisy solution
  • Anatomical prior information from the CT can be included to smooth only in uniform tissue areas and avoid smoothing over edges

What is the benefit?

  • Higher contrast lesions for bone SPECT/CT
  • Less noisy images
  • Better quantitative accuracy

What do the experts say?

"The Bayesian methods with anatomical prior, especially the relative difference prior-based method, outperformed OSEM and reconstruction without anatomical prior in terms of quantitative accuracy.”  (Kangasmaa et al. EJNMMI Physics (2021) 8:2)