World Theranostics Presentation: TTV on F18-PSMA PET to monitor treatment response of 225Ac-PSMA-I&T

The Nuclear Medicine team at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich used F18-PSMA PET to monitor treatment response to Ac.225-PSMA-I&T. They used the Hermia software for automatic delineation of tumor volume to assess the Total Tumor Volume.

PD Dr. Harun Ilhan, a contributor to the research from the LMU Munich, gave a very appreciated presentation on June 25, 2022 at the World Theranostics Congress in Wiesdbaden, Germany. He presented on the value of PET imaging and tumor volume as additional imaging biomarker on mCRPC patients undergoing PSMA. He showed how he is now able to calculate TTV in clinical routine thanks to the single click segmentation and lesion tracking tools from the HERMIA software suite.

Philipp Karsten, our Sales Director for Germany and Switzerland concluded the talk by showing a demonstration of how this is done in Hermia.

Enjoy the watch!