Integrated Solution of the Hermia software with the VERITON-CT Scanner

Spectrum Dynamics Medical and Hermes Medical Solutions enter into partnership to offer integrated solution of the Hermia software with the VERITON-CT scanner

Spectrum Dynamics Medical, a leading innovator in digital SPECT imaging systems and Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), a leader in molecular imaging software development are now partnering to offer an integrated vendor-neutral software solution for advanced processing, quantitative analysis and reviewing images from the Spectrum Dynamic's VERITON-CT scanner including access to dosimetry applications for theranostics.

Spectrum Dynamic's customers will benefit from Hermia's best-in-class nuclear medicine and dosimetry software applications to fully leverage the unique technology and image quality of VERITON-CT scans. HMS is committed to maintaining a vendor-agnostic approach. This means that users have the freedom to choose any vendor's imaging systems while still benefiting from Hermia's advanced analytical tools.

Spectrum Dynamics and Hermes Medical Solutions enter partnership

"As an independent, vendor-neutral software company, HMS is committed to continuous development of best-in-class software tools for the advanced analysis of nuclear medicine scans, including those from the latest scanning technology. We are therefore delighted to collaborate with Spectrum Dynamics to provide their users with easy-to-use advanced software tools for all their clinical applications within nuclear medicine as well as dosimetry planning and verification for theranostics," declares Tom Francke, CEO at HMS.

The two companies already have several joint customer success stories in North America and in Europe and these partnerships should bring further possibilities for clinical advancements and workflow efficiencies.

"Spectrum Dynamics is renowned for providing the best Digital SPECT scanners in the market, distinguished by our advanced technology and superior performance. Hermes Medical Solutions brings to the table, top-tier post-processing software that is essential for high-quality imaging and precise diagnostics. Together, we aim to revolutionize the applications of nuclear medicine and theranostics. This partnership will combine our strengths to enhance capabilities in advanced 4D dynamic imaging and therapeutics, setting new standards in the field of theranostics," says Gilad Yoeli, CEO of Spectrum Dynamics Medical.

About Hermes Medical Solutions

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging. With Hermia, we empower healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art software for all clinical scenarios into ONE vendor-neutral platform. Powerful tools enable clinicians to simplify their workflow and keep pace with the fast development of scanners, tracers and procedures in nuclear medicine. The result is improved quality in patient management and decision support for thousands of healthcare providers and their patients worldwide.

About Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Spectrum Dynamics is spearheading the transformation of SPECT imaging systems from analog to digital detection technology, enabling hospitals and clinicians to provide healthcare services with improved image quality, efficiency and access to advanced clinical applications. Spectrum Dynamics launched the world first digital cardiac SPECT system, the D-SPECT CARDIO – in 2007. Since then, the D-SPECT has become the system of choice for functional cardiac imaging with hundreds of systems sold worldwide. In 2018, Spectrum Dynamics launched its multipurpose SPECT and SPECT-CT systems – the VERITON® and the VERITON-CT® SPECT/CT, the first ring-shaped gantry 360 CZT digital SPECT/CT scanner.

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