Collaboration between Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. and Hermes Medical Solutions

Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. and Hermes Medical Solutions Sign Sales Agent Agreement Ahead of SNMMI 2024

[Tustin, CA, June 6, 2024]—Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. and Hermes Medical Solutions have announced a strategic partnership by signing a Sales Agent Agreement just before the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) 2024 conference. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing precision medicine, particularly in theranostics. It aims to broaden access to innovative solutions and improve clinical outcomes for all patients.

Canon Medical's PET-CT systems are designed to enable disease pathology assessment, facilitating a more tailored approach to treatment. Among these solutions is the Cartesion Prime Digital PET-CT, empowered by AI technology, delivering image quality at exceptional speed alongside precise quantification. Canon Digital PET-CT provides reliable digital technologies with the cost savings of an air-cooled design.

Tim Nicholson, Managing Director of Molecular Imaging Business Unit (MIBU) at Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc., expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are excited about the opportunity to combine our digital PET-CT solution, such as Cartesion Prime, with the products of Hermes Medical Solutions, making precision medicine a reality for more patients."

Suresh Narayan, PhD, MBA, Managing Director of Enterprise Business Solutions at Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc., added, "CMSU is pleased to partner with Hermes Medical Solutions to provide advanced oncology solutions to our Molecular Imaging customers, empowering them in delivering optimal patient care."

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), a global leader in molecular imaging and dosimetry software solutions, echoes the sentiment of partnership and progress. Tom Francke, CEO of Hermes Medical Solutions, emphasized the company's commitment to advancing personalized theranostics and therapies. He stated, "As a software company dedicated to providing independent access to the latest Molecular Imaging and Nuclear Medicine innovations, we are thrilled to partner with Canon Medical Systems. Together, we offer seamless access to user-friendly, cutting-edge software solutions across all clinical aspects of nuclear medicine, including dosimetry planning and verification for theranostics."

Furthermore, this partnership will complement Canon Medical's current Vitrea Oncology offerings with advanced theragnostic capabilities, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for precision medicine and new clinical care pathways.

The collaboration between Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. and Hermes Medical Solutions signifies a collective commitment to advancing precision medicine and revolutionizing patient care. This partnership has the potential to transform how patient care is delivered, ensuring that innovative solutions reach those who need them most and potentially improving clinical outcomes for patients worldwide.

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