Education in Nuclear Medicine

Hermes Medical Solutions is happy to announce its donation of molecular imaging/nuclear medicine software to Regis College.

“We see it as part of our mission as a leading provider of Molecular Imaging Software to provide the future generation of nuclear medicine professionals with the latest tools, especially as this area of medicine is evolving at a rapid pace and needs to attract specialized professionals,” said Tom Francke, CEO at Hermes Medical Solutions.

Extract from a press release of Regis College

Faculty in Regis College’s Nuclear Medicine program today thanked Hermes Medical Solutions for their generous donation of molecular imaging/nuclear medicine software that provides Regis students the opportunity to learn on the latest medical imaging technology used to detect and treat cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders. The software is commonplace in leading Boston hospitals, but not widely available in college classrooms.


Read the full press release on the website of Regis College.