Hermes Medical Solutions Partners with Radiology Oncology Systems to Increase Access to Molecular Imaging’s Advancements within Cancer Care in the USA

Hermes Medical Solutions and Radiology Oncology Systems join forces to deliver cost-efficient and innovative solutions to Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Departments, throughout the United States.

According to researchers from the American Cancer Society, at least 42% of the 1.8 million newly diagnosed cancers in the US – about 750,000 cases in 2020 – are potentially avoidable. In a healthcare system that is already under tremendous pressure, early cancer detection is key. Providing affordable solutions to molecular imaging and radiation oncology departments ensures an easier and broader access to detection, treatment, and follow-up for cancer patients.

Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS), a San Diego, California based company, now offers Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS) Molecular Imaging Software Suite, as part of their medical devices & services portfolio. Combining the expertise of both organizations, the novel approach helps healthcare professionals’ benefit from the latest technology in Molecular Imaging Oncology. They can handle all of their imaging work including diagnostic, reporting and treatment from one software suite for all modalities and scanners. This high interoperability considerably helps streamline the workflow of the molecular imaging department and facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration notably with the radiation oncology department.

“Molecular Imaging plays a crucial role in the fight against cancer. This partnership enables us to build the perfect bridge between Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology” explains Frank Hebert, Vice President, Business Development at HMS. “We are committed to the continuous development of cutting-edge, user-friendly and accessible software solutions for early diagnostic and improved treatment” he indicates.

John Vano, President of ROS, declares: “This alliance increases our ability to provide our customers with the latest innovations in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. Ensuring that everyone has access to the quality healthcare they deserve is our purpose.” To learn more, visit Hermes Medical Solutions at the SNMMI 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting June 11-15.

About Hermes Medical Solutions
HMS delivers a complete Molecular Imaging Software Suite to visualize, process, report and archive imaging data from multiple modalities and devices. The end-to-end platform empowers physicians & healthcare professionals with the data and tools they need, enabling faster, more personalized diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Globally, 30,000 users in 70 countries rely on Hermes Medical Solutions to improve the patient outcomes.

About Radiology Oncology Systems (ROS)
ROS provides cost-effective medical equipment solutions, including refurbished PET/CT, CT, MRI and Linear Accelerator systems, without compromising safety, quality or environmental sustainability. ROS helps hospitals and clinics use their resources more efficiently, make their budgets go further, and provide more services to their patients. We can expand the reach of medical care to areas that would not otherwise support it.

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