Hermes Medical Solutions Receives CE Mark & Health Canada Clearance for Single Time Point Voxel Dosimetry™

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), global market leader in molecular imaging and dosimetry software solutions, releases Voxel Dosimetry™ 1.1 in Europe and Canada. This latest version includes groundbreaking single time point dosimetry calculations. HMS strives to deliver the most accurate dosimetry application for Theranostics and personalized radionuclide therapies.

The annual national costs attributed to cancer treatment in the United States are projected to reach over $245 billion by 2030 (over a 30% growth rate from 2015), according to a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Theranostics and personalized radionuclide therapies will play a major role in helping mitigate the cost of the fight against cancer. These new treatment pathways are the quintessential personalized response to this terrible condition. Personalized theranostics for each and every patient are essential for optimizing patient outcomes and delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge treatments.

Up until very recently, dosimetry calculations were typically achieved by a conglomeration of separate programs, pen, paper, modelling tables and more importantly a lot of willingness, dedication, and time from an expert user. Planar-based models and phantom dosimetry estimations can cause up to 30% inaccuracy. Using our latest voxel-based Monte-Carlo algorithm reduces this 2 to 3 fold. For over six years HMS has been dedicated to streamlining dosimetry assessment to bring the most accurate dosimetry to mainstream users, benefitting the most possible patients. We began by providing a user-friendly interface for OLINDA, followed by refining our highly advanced vendor neutral quantitative SUV-SPECT™ reconstruction algorithm and finally by elevating it all with our unique Voxel Dosimetry™ package. The HMS novel approach is based on Monte-Carlo photon tracking and is focused on accuracy, providing superior results to s-voxel or dose kernel approximation methods. “After providing dosimetry and patient registry/database solutions to radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry partners from the early development stages of Theranostics, we are excited to bring Voxel Dosimetry™ to hospitals and clinical settings around the world for the benefit of patients”, observes Frank Hebert, Vice President, Business Development at HMS. Andrew Prideaux, PhD, Dosimetry Product Specialist at HMS adds: “A lot of effort has been put in this latest version in addition to the new single time point calculation…We are constantly adding new supported isotopes to follow the promising compounds that are being developed.”
To learn more, visit Hermes Medical Solutions at the SNMMI 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting June 11-15.

About Voxel Dosimetry™1.1

Voxel Dosimetry™ provides estimates (deterministic) of absorbed radiation dose at voxel level as a result of administering one of the supported radionuclides and to provide a dose map. HMS Voxel Dosimetry™ is approved for Lu-177, Y-90, Zr-89, Ra- 223, Ga-68, Ho-166, I-131 I-123, In-111 and, Tc-99m. The application also features automatic registration of different time-points to a common reference study, generation and integration of voxel-level time-activity curves, voxel-level absorbed dose calculation using a unique Monte-Carlo method. For single time point dosimetry, we support: physical half-life; effective half-life; and Hänscheid formula dose approximation.

About Hermes Medical Solutions – AI & Human Driven

HMS delivers a complete Molecular Imaging Software Suite to visualize, process, analyze, report and archive imaging data from multiple modalities and devices. An All- in-One that empowers physicians & healthcare professionals with the data and tools they need, enabling faster, more personalized diagnosis and treatment of their patients. Globally, 30,000 users in 70 countries rely on Hermes Medical Solutions to improve patient outcomes.


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