SUV SPECT® Quantitative Reconstruction From Hermes Medical Solutions Evaluated Best-in-class for SIRT With Ho-166 Microspheres

Hermes Medical Solutions (HMS), leader in molecular imaging software development, has been recognized by Quirem Medical, a Terumo company, to provide the best commercially available and fully approved software for accurate quantitative reconstruction of 166Ho SPECT/CT scans for use with their exciting SIRT products QuiremScout® and QuiremSpheres®.

Quirem Medical, a Terumo company, develops and manufactures the only commercially available microspheres containing the radioactive isotope 166Holmium for Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), a treatment for liver tumors.

Recent trials have shown the safety and efficacy of 166Ho microspheres for the treatment of unresectable primary and secondary liver cancers. The microspheres can be visualized and quantified even in low concentrations by means of Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which is key in improving patient selection, therapy planning and treatment verification.

With continuous development and reconstruction optimization, Quirem Medical strives to enable accurate and reliable treatment planning and verification with 166Ho SPECT/CT scans. Building on the advanced SUV SPECT® quantitative reconstruction software provided by HMS, the research and development teams of both companies have worked hard to overcome the technical challenges of 166Ho SPECT/CT quantitative reconstruction.

Monte-Carlo modelling of 166Ho collimator interactions, Bremsstrahlung emission spectrum sampling, and Monte-Carlo scatter correction have been implemented to achieve the best possible reconstruction accuracy. HMS’s vendor neutral reconstruction algorithm, SUV SPECT®, works with raw DICOM SPECT data from all SPECT/CT camera vendors.

After a thorough evaluation, SUV SPECT® was found to achieve better quantitative accuracy than the vendors’ own reconstructions.  It has therefore been chosen by Quirem Medical as the software of choice for quantitative 166Ho SPECT/CT reconstruction for use with QuiremScout® and QuiremSpheres®.

This adds to the impressive track record of Hermes Medical SUV SPECT® over the full range of clinical radionuclides and applications, both for theranostics and clinical SPECT/CT1-5.

As an independent, vendor neutral software company, HMS is committed to continuous development and support for emerging radionuclide therapies, ensuring that the full potential of optimized, personalized treatment is reached for these exciting therapeutic agents.

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