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Radiological Society of North America

RSNA Annual Meeting 2024

Hermes Medical Solutions at RSNA 2023

Attending the RSNA? Discover the Power of the Right Molecular Imaging Software. 

The right software can transform your nuclear medicine department’s way of working, enabling you to focus time and resources where they make the biggest difference. 

Here are some ways, the revolutionary Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine software, HERMIA can make a difference for your practice:

  • Streamlined workflow. Consolidate all your legacy scanner software and eliminate unnecessary workflow disruptions. Experience the benefits of a single vendor-neutral system – with all the tools you need for your molecular imaging/nuclear medicine work in ONE place. 
  • Speed: benefit from a user-friendly interface and a wide range of time-saving features, developed in close cooperation with customers.
  • Connectivity: unify clinical workflows across facilities with ONE software system securely accessible – anytime and anywhere. Staff can work just as efficiently from remote locations, enabling you to create a flexible workplace with 24-hour coverage. 
  • Freedom of choice in scanner purchase and extended life for current equipment. Hermia lets you choose the scanner you want and when to purchase it. It can extend the life of your existing scanners, regardless of manufacturer. Now you can quickly add new functionality, such as image quantification (SUV SPECT) – without investing in new hardware.
  • Ready for the next thing. Regular releases ensure you are always ready to take advantage of the latest developments, such as newly approved tracers and theranostics.
  • Expert clinical support: rely on excellent training and support services from our US team of experts clinically trained in Nuclear Medicine. 

If you are attending RSNA, it would be a great opportunity to meet and discuss how Hermia can help you meet your daily challenges within Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine. 

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New Version of Hermia in North America

Hermes Medical Solutions recently released a new version of the Hermia Multimodality Viewer software in North America, have a look at what is new.

The software of choice for PET and SPECT brain analysis

The Hermia Neurology Software Suite offers a fully automated workflow for the processing, visualization and quantification of brain scans, accommodating standard SPECT and PET tracers and, most notably beta-amyloid PET tracers. (Amyloid example at 7:21)

Watch the CANM Webinar recording

Have a look at the CANM Webinar opening with the transformative benefits of implementing a vendor-neutral software platform. Further you can see the fast processing of images from the latest PET and SPECT cameras and last but not least you get a tour of our dosimetry solutions for radionuclide therapy and theranostics. Enjoy!