Munich, Germany

ICPO Forum 2023

3rd ICPO Forum for Theranostics in Precision Oncology

From October 12-13 2023, we will participate at this year's ICPO forum, where we will present the latest software developments in the field of Theranostics, Molecular Radiotherapy Dosimetry and Nuclear Medicine Imaging.

Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging and is excited to show the latest developments in Hermia - Software that makes a difference.
In addition to the well-known comprehensive functionalities in nuclear medicine, Hermia also includes innovations in the areas of quantitative SUV-SPECT, organ and voxel-based dosimetry, SIRT and automatic segmentation.
If you are attending the ICPO forum, it would be a great opportunity to meet with us and discuss how Hermia can help meet your daily challenges within Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine.
Do not hesitate to contact us in advance to arrange a demonstration or just drop by our table in Munich.

Making personalized theranostics a reality today

Up until very recently, dosimetry calculations were typically achieved by a conglomeration of separate programs, pen, paper, modelling tables and more importantly a lot of willingness, dedication, and time from an expert user. Planar-based models and phantom dosimetry estimations can cause up to 30% inaccuracy. Using our latest voxel-based Monte-Carlo algorithm reduces this 2 to 3 fold.

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Theranostics Brochure

Brochure dedicated to the advanced tools for Theranostics and Therapies within the Hermia software.