SNMMI Webinar with Tony Abraham, DO, MPA

Software, A Paradigm Shift for Efficiency Gains in Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine

On November 16 2022, Dr Tony Abraham DO, MPA, Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics at New York Imaging Specialists and New York Cancer and Blood Specialists, shared his experience, from both academical and private institutions, of creating multiple efficiencies gains for the nuclear medicine department by implementing a single imaging and theranostics software platform. He also showed real-life examples in the software at the end of his presentation.

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Webinar Summary

Over the last few decades there has been an exponential growth in imaging in regards to number of scans and types of scans done. This has also impacted the field of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging which includes static, dynamic and advanced Molecular Imaging in addition to the burgeoning field of Theranostics. All of these combined with new era of greater remote reading makes it an especially important time to consider a single imaging and theranostics platform that will address all the needs of acquisition technicians and interpreting physicians. By doing so, create efficiencies with improved acquisition and reading times to optimize patient care in a cost effective manner for the institution.

Hermes Medical Solutions provides such an all in one solution that addresses all the needs of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging and theranostics on a single seamless vendor neutral platform. All of its software components work together in a very reliable, easy to use and efficient manner to optimize any Nuclear Medicine department from a major academic institution to a fast paced private practice. It provides a very cost effective solution to all of the usual challenges such as working across and integration with multiple camera vendors, PACS, importing and exporting studies and addressing needs of various types of studies across the spectrum of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

It also offers numerous educational experiences, venues of research and is constantly developing future applications to prepare the future medical professionals while being at the forefront in the area of Nuclear Medicine Software.


Graph showing the turnaround times at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York before and after implementing the software solution from Hermes Medical Solutions.

"I have been using Hermes for more than a decade across academic and private settings with seamless integration. They have always been at the forefront of Nuclear Medicine software to optimize workflow and efficiencies at multiple levels with ease of use while maintaining high levels of reliability and consistency to provide the highest level of quality in patient care."

- Dr Tony Abraham, DO, MPA, Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics at New York Imaging Specialists and New York Cancer and Blood Specialists

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