The People of Hermes Medical Solutions

Meet Angel Cobo, Sales Director for Veterans Administration and Department of Defense hospitals in the US

Raised in Houston, Texas, Angel served in the US Air Force for 21 years before joining Hermes Medical Solutions. Today, he’s responsible for sales and account management at military treatment facilities and
Veterans Administration Hospitals across the US.

What does your role involve?
In brief, I oversee relationships with military treatment facilities and Veterans Administration Hospitals. A vital aspect of my work is facilitating effective communication and collaboration, ensuring we provide them with products and services that meet their specific needs.

What motivates you at work?
The opportunity to support and give something back to my brothers and sisters in arms. I find great fulfillment in assisting and working with individuals who have put so much into serving our country. I’m also highly motivated by the opportunity to help expand and grow our company.

"I find it fascinating to be a part of cutting-edge advancements in medical imaging."

What is your favorite part of the job?
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and build strong relationships. Connecting with customers and colleagues is truly rewarding. The military was like a big family for me, and working at Hermes gives me the same kind of camaraderie. Our team is extremely varied. We all know our mission, and we share and communicate with high efficiency. The efficiency, organization and diversity at Hermes reminds me of the military.
Working in sales also gives me the opportunity to visit hospitals and clinics across the US and worldwide. I like being able to share the insights this gives me.

Team of US military nuclear medicine technologists at work

What milestones at work are you most proud of?
One is the successful introduction of our software suite Hermia to technologists and providers. It has been gratifying to witness the positive impact our solutions have had on patient care and the healthcare industry.

What attracted you to Hermes Medical Solutions?
Initially, I was drawn to the company’s focus on innovative medical technology solutions. Hermes’ commitment to advancing patient care through cutting-edge software and technology aligns with my passion for the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Tell us about your educational and professional background?
I have a diverse background in the medical field. I joined the US Air Force in 1999, initially serving in the military police before retraining as an X-ray technologist. In 2010, I retrained again, this time focusing on nuclear medicine. I had the privilege of attending the Radiation Safety Officer course at Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health, and I am a registered nuclear medicine technologist through the NMTCB.

What do you like most about the field of nuclear medicine?
I particularly enjoy the combination of patient care and the science and technology behind diagnostic imaging. It’s a dynamic field that’s continuously evolving. I find it fascinating to be a part of cutting-edge advancements in medical imaging.

US Air force soldier in the 1990's

What advice would you give to others considering a career in nuclear medicine or MedTech?
I recommend gaining a strong educational foundation in chemistry, physics, mathematics, anatomy, and physiology. For those who are already working as technologists, make sure you stay updated on the latest advancements and seek professional development and networking opportunities. It’s a rewarding and ever-changing field that requires a passion for patient care and life-long learning. If you broaden your horizons, you can discover an ocean of opportunities.

What is a good day at work for you?
A good day involves interacting with other technologists and providers, introducing them to our software suite, and seeing the positive impact it has on their workflow and patient outcomes. I was amazed when I was first shown Hermia software, and it’s very rewarding to show the possibilities to potential customers.

"I was amazed when I was first shown Hermia software, and it’s very rewarding to show the possibilities to potential customers."

What are your hobbies and interests?
When I’m not spending time with my family, I love boating and sailing. I also have a passion for cooking and for making things with my own hands.